Our Services

We start each project with the same objectives: see the inherent potential in the residency, plan and develop, and match the home with the right buyer.

Restoration Homes buys, renovates, and sells homes. Our team of professionals includes realtors, designers, and contractors. We offer a unique array of offerings to today’s homeowners–whether existing or prospective. Specializing in soft contemporary and transitional design, Restoration Homes and its Team listens to our client’s wishes and helps redirect residential lifestyles.

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Award-winning Design

After acquiring a property, our team reimagines the exterior and interior styling of the home. Every aspect of the home–from the interior details to the landscape–is modified to reflect contemporary luxury.

Susan Smith is an award-winning designer that is renowned for her mid-century, transitional styling. Every Restoration Homes property is crafted to be elegant and completely unique.


Attention To Detail

Our construction team is experienced, talented, and dependable. Committed to micromanagement, we take extra care in every aspect of the build process. Rest assured knowing that your Restoration Homes project directed by a team that places emphasis on quality and precision.


Focus On The Sales Experience

Once completed and ready for sale, we work actively with outstanding realtors in the Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace to find the right buyers for our homes. Every project is unique, but every project’s target is the same: to bring existing homes into sharper focus through ground-up renovation. Contact us today if you are ready to elevate your residency.

For more information regarding our services, or to speak with one of our representatives, please call our office directly at 214-679-9169 or email info@restorationhomesdallas.com.